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Why We Belong
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Altrusa International offers personal and professional development to business, professional and volunteer leaders.

Altrusas serving at Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen


Catherine, Jessica and Audrey serving lunch
to the homeless and hungry with Holy
Apostles Soup Kitchen servers.

Blue flora in New Zealand!

Why do we belong?
  1. A sense of fulfillment and accomplishment in seeing projects and programs launched and thriving.
  2. Leadership experience and responsibilities that result in personal growth in areas other than one's chosen career.
  3. Pride in being able to affiliate with an organization recognized for its achievements in the community.
  4. Develop friendships that last a lifetime. 
  5. Personal and business contacts which evolve when business and professional volunteers meet and work together.


Teacher w/pre-school students

Hour Children
These toddlers at Hour Children are enjoying books donated by Altrusa New York Club. Hour Children serves single mothers, some of whom are incarcerated.

Altrusa - derived from  "altruism" - is devoted to the interests of others.  Drawing upon the leadership, talents and altruistic motives of members, Altrusans make their combined services more effective on local, district and international levels.
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